Mason CTA's Fail to work

I am not new to RapidWeaver but it has been years since I last had to use it. I have upgraded to the latest version, bought Stacks 4, bought Foundry, and downloaded Mason. I have tried to follow the video tutorials for Building A Quick Website and the Foundry most of the Mason CTA’s don’t work with the recommendation that I install them even though they are already installed.

Does anyone else experience this problem and is there a fix?

I use the Mac M1 Mini and have just ordered the latest M1 Max laptop. Is it the computer that is causing the problem? If that were true, then why would some of the CTA’s work and others don’t?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank You.

From Elixir site:

The free Mason templates are built using various stacks across several of our products. Mason templates use stacks that are included in Foundry v2+, Potion Pack v1.x+ and Thunder Pack v1.x+. In order to make full use of these free pre-made templates you’ll need to own and have those items installed, otherwise you’ll see a message stating that some stacks are missing.

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