Match column hight ing foundry

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Can anyone help I am new to Rapid-weaver and using Foundry. I have a 3 column stack each column contains a header, an image, a paragraph and a button. I am looking for a way of making each element in each column match each other in hight even if the length of text is different.

Thanks for any help

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There’s a stack for that. It’s called Match Height

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Foundry has a built in ‘equal-height’ mode for columns. Check out the relevant tutorial video - I’m sure it’s in there:

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Hi there @itcog – As @manofdogz mentioned, the Foundry Columns stack has equal height built-in to it. I am out of town right now, and can’t remember off the top of my head if I cover this in any tutorial videos, as it was added in an update to Foundry. That said, you can find the setting here, at the bottom of the Foundry Columns settings:

(steve) #5

Hi Adam,
Don’t know if i am doing something wrong but there is no change with or without the Equal Height checked

(Adam Shiver) #6

Set background colors for your columns there and then preview the page and that will indicate if things are equalized or not. The setting equalizes the columns themselves – it does not modify the contents of your columns.

(Bill Fleming) #7

You will need something like match height stack if you want to equalize the contents inside the column and match each content by setting ID to the contents you want it all to match together.

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@itcog What you are looking for is equalising the height of the individual contents of each column so that the individual contents line up, I believe. If you keep the Heading on 1 line, and make the images the same aspect ratio, then you only need to equalise the paragraph text which would then push the buttons down to the same aligned level.

You could use the Foundry Card stack to align things and place a Card in each column or you may be able to use one of the Foundry fixed height stacks to achieve a similar effect.

If you have my Project14 or Template6 you can use the FXHeight stack to achieve the same thing.

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