Membership area add on for rapid weaver

hello can anyone help me i would like to know if there is a membership add on that i can let my members join and buy things and join in chats with others etc

thank you all


There is not 1 ‘single’ add-on that does all those things in one shot, you will need multiple add ons…

For membership signup/in check out YuzoolTheme’s Member widget, for locking additional pages to match, check out his locked widget.

For buying things, you will need some sort of Cart system, there are many, depends if you want stock control, database usage, what form of payment options, etc…

As for chats (forums), there are a couple ways to go about this, you can use muut and the muut stack


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Thanks for the mention there @Turtle!

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Hi Brad!

New user here; I am just curious about the Member Widget. So if it is not a stack and not a plugin, how do you exactly integrate it with the Rapidweaver website?

I’d like to create some members-only pages and Yuzool’s widget seems like a good place to start.



Hi @vita-auria

I’ll answer for Brad, if I may.

Yes, ‘Members’ is a widget type of add-on rather than a stack or a plugin, but don’t let that worry you. As long as you are able to a) plan your members content area b) fill in a few basic details by editing a file, and c) transfer some files to your hosting server, then you will be absolutely fine.

‘Members’ is just a collection of files/scripts which have been arranged to work alongside your Rapidweaver website without actually needing to be delivered as a ‘stack’ or ‘plugin’. Its very powerful yet simple to use.

I hope you decide to give ‘Members’ a try.

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Hi there

We usually request support ticket requests through the support system but I am away right now so will answer.

The documentation that comes with the widgets explains how to use it where to put it and how to modify it.

The code used is php, so page extensions needs to be .php instead of .html

Hope that explains it

Brad Halstead


Hi…I just started with RW after moving on from iWeb. I wanted to add a membership page but am having a hard time understanding without a visual. Are there video tutorials anywhere? thx

Sitelok is a very popular option for RW users as well…