RW & RapidCart Plugin for Subscription Site?


I’m looking at using RW and possibly RapidCart to create a Subscription Membership site.

Basically, the purpose of the site would be that users would purchase a Subscription Membership to the site and then will be able to login to the Member portal where they can watch member video files on the site and more.

I haven’t yet purchased RW or RapidCart as I wanted the community opinion on this topic and for those who have created sites using RW and perhaps some other plug-ins to provide some helpful feedback to this beginner.

I really look forward to reading about your experiences and recommendations for what I’m trying to achieve.

Many Thanks,


Hi @james-melb

Sounds like a good fit for Members Pay from Yuzoolthemes:-

Best of luck!

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Sitelok by @vibralogix will sort you out. There are a number of payment plugins for Sitelok which allow you to buy memberships/subscriptions.
Great product with great support!

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Thanks for the recommendations. I think I’d prefer SiteLok over Members Pay as I’d prefer a plug-in over a Theme. I’m also looking at TotalCMS for complete control over the site and all of its properties.

If anyone else can recommend any other plug-ins, please do. The alternative is to go with WordPress, but it can be extremely complex and expensive to set-up and maintain. If anyone has any opinions of WordPress vs. RW & a plug-in along with TotalCMS, I’d be very interested to hear about it.

Thanks again, I greatly appreciate all recommendations and opinions.

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Hi @james-melb

Cool, I hope it works out well for you :slight_smile:

For the sake of any readers of this thread coming along later I should point out that Members Pay is not actually a theme: its a ‘widget’.

Another option is aMember. I came across it as Ryan from Rapidweaver Classrooms has an in-depth tutorial on installing it. It is a fair bit more expensive than Sitelok but it’s what Ryan uses to manage the member/subscription area of his site.

I don’t have personal experience with either Sitelok or aMember, but they both look to be pretty full-featured.

If Yuzool’s solution was sufficient, the widgets are easy to install and re-usable across domains.

Thanks kryten, I thought it was a theme and not a widget. I’ll look over it again.

jabostick, aMember looks very powerful and comprehensive. I’ve Googled RapidWeaver and aMember to find the Classroom tutorial on getting it up and running and how the two work together but haven’t been able to locate it. Do you have to have the link to the Classroom tutorial?

Thanks everyone, really appreciate it!

Yep, here you go:

Scroll towards the bottom to Membership Websites.

@ryanbsmith runs it and has a trial if you wanted to dive into aMember. He also told me that he’s offers consultant services with aMember as well.

Edit: sorry - the aMember tutorial may not be included in the free trial. If you have other rapidweaver needs, it’s worth a month subscription as there are a ton of videos…