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I’m learning to use the Foundation them, Rapidweaver 8, and Stacks 4 all at the same time–it’s a big learning curve from Rapidweaver 5, but I have ten-year-old sites that need updating desperately. I’m slowly learning, but I’ve run into yet another snag: I’ve set up a menu under my banner, and I also want to use one of the Foundation footer templates that also contains a menu. Right now, when I put in the footer, it inherits the blue background color of my banner menu, and I want it to remain white the way it is in the template. I’m unsure what sort of swatch I’d use to change this–can someone help? Thanks!

Without knowing how the menu got the blue background color it’s hard to say. There are a number of “menu” items with F6.

This is the menu in question:

This is the swatch controlling the color:

Does that help? Thanks!

Try using a class name for the background Swatch instead of the component name. Then assign the custom class name to the main menu.

Example Custom class name main-Menu:


That worked! Thank you!!

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