Menu items with 2 lines of text

I’m looking for a menu stack that can gracefully handle menu items with 2 lines of text. The titles of the pages are long and I have no control over that. I’ve tried Top Bar with Top Bar Surgeon. Together, they seem to work after I adjust the line heights of the items and fiddle and fiddle and fiddle with them. The problem has been that they haven’t proven to be reliable for what I want to do. Sometimes, for no apparent reason, the height of the menu bar doubles, as if it’s leaving space for two lines of text without line height adjustments. Even with no changes, some days, it’s fine. Other days are a disaster. I can get it to work fine in one project, but even if I copy and paste the Top Bar and TBS stacks to another project, they won’t work reliably.

The page names in RW all have the line break tag in the middle so that they’ll consistently wrap the way that I want.

Ideas? A vertical menu is not workable unless I redo the entire layout.