Top Bar Menu links to wrong page

I put 18 subpages under the page “projects”. This shows correctly in the Top Bar Menu. If I click on the first 15 topics, the links work correctly and lead you to the respective subpage.

If I click on the 16th, 17th or 18th topic (the lowest three, on the bottom), the link does the following: It changes the last page from English to German, but DOES NOT lead to the indicated subpage.

How can I correct this?

See the problem here:

Another problem is that the list of 18 subpages under the menu item “projects” will be cut off, if the page content is not long enough in vertical direction (too few rows of text or too few pictures, see menu items / pages “about”, “references”, “awards” or “contact” ), so you cannot reach the lowest items on the subpages list.

How can I correct this?

And then, the list of 18 subpages is too long for tablet size monitors.
What can I do about that?

Hope you can help.
Kind regards, Gabor

Can’t explain the technical issue, but you really need to rethink the structure - a submenu with 18 navigation items on it is horrendous. Maybe look at a blogging solution, like Alloy 3 (needs Foundry), or Poster 2.

That enormous menu will be off-putting for many people.

I agree that 18 items is too many in a dropdown menu.

If you look at those last 3 items in the list, they are not actually links. The 15th is OK - see above the highlighted 16th ‘link’ but no 16, 17 and 18 are incorrect. I wonder how you setup that link.

No 16 should link to

Thank you both for your input. You are right: 18 points are far too many. I am looking for another solution. Still don’t know what kind of stack I could use, though.

I checked the websites of alloy blog and poster stack 2. Do I get it right that I can create nice looking lists with them (so I can put the 18 links to the projects onto one webpage)? What about ‘Lister’? Is that also a possibility?

That requires you to use Foundry, right now you are using Foundation v1.

Both are blog type products. Although they are both great blogs, and you could organize the 18 links into categories or tag them, and like any blog or any page, you can put links to other pages.

Lister has a free demo, it is a nice stack for making nice bullet lists and those lists can be links to other pages.

What do think about something like this:

The sub-menu button reveals the buttons.
Live sample:

I guess I’ll try one of the blog type stacks like poster 2 so I can show thumbnails of the respective projects with subtitles and link them to the respective project pages. I’ll try tomorrow.

You can do that without using a blog. Nothing wrong with using poster 2, but you can use the standard Foundation 1 image stack and set the Add Link? Check box:

That would make the image a link. You could also use something link Linkbox(free) and put set up a thumbnail image, captions, description and make the whole thing a link…

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Thanks a lot to all of you! I put all project links onto the project page and repeat the top six projects on the home page. So I get a smooth simple menu and the projects overview is easy to scroll through.

Cheers! Gabor

PS: I have a new problem: Target hides behind content (see new thread). Maybe you can help me?

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