Menu stack - getting rid of the white

I’m using Joe’s Menu stack. So I add a menu item or two, and there’s the white + area still there asking me to add something else. But I don’t have anything more menu items to add. But then when I look at my page, I can’t seem to get rid of this white area.

If you grab your mobile device and go to and you’ll see the problem (haha, I know, I have to figure out how to do a hamburger menu for small, but that’s another question entirely…

Anyone know how to get rid of the white?

Thank you in advance if you can help!

Use a Menu or background swatch.

Hey thanks, Joe, but I have a background swatch in use with the menu items themselves. I have that same swatch in use in the MENU stack, as well. Everything is taking nicely to the background swatch except the white area where the “+” is. Still not understanding. Sorry.

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