Meta tags redundancy in RW

There’s always been some meta-tag redundancy in RW, but in version 7 there’s more of it than before. Let me explain.

In the Meta Tags panel of the Inspector, RW has 4 separate areas for including meta-tags: a little text-input window for the “description”, 2 checkboxes for “index this page” and “follow links”, a normal meta-tag window where you add names and content of meta-tags and then there is another check-box for “Credit Rapid Weaver”.

If you use all four methods of input, you end up with redundant – and sometimes contradictory – information. For example, if I check the boxes for “Index this page” and “Follow links” and then I will create a separate “robots” meta-tag in the box below with the content “noindex,nofollow” (or the other way around), I end up with two sets of the same tag, but with contradicting instructions for indexing bots. That may confuse them and they may act contradictory to our intentions.

Here is what I think should be done to make things fool-proof and much easier for users of RW:

—Get rid of the Description text-input box, the 2 robots check-boxes and “Credit Rapid Weaver”;
—In the remaining Tags window, make a list of all most popular meta-tags with check-boxes to enable them and with tag-content input (that list should contain such tags as: “robots”, “author”, “copyrights”, “description”, “keywords”, “language”, “changefreq”, “priority”, “generator”, etc.). At the end of that list we should be able to create our own additional and less-frequently used meta-tags – just as it is now.

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