Description Metatag in RW7

Can someone give me a steer with this?

I’m slowly upgrading RW6 sites to 7.2.2 and have come across this issue.

As you can see from the screenshot, the existing Description has been imported and placed in the tags list. Is it OK to leave it there or should I remove it and instead put it into the empty Description box that sits above it?


If you use Foundation, there is a third version: The description in the SEO Helper stack. :slight_smile:
I think it is ok if you decide yourself for ONE way to place the description.


There’s always a third way if you use Foundation. :wink:


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Another option is to just do it manually gives total control.

RM actually have a free video on this, but unfortunately the Lance Pollard link with all the tags shown in the video, is dead. However, you can see that information copied from that original link at

It is very easy to create your own text with the tags and paste into the head area.

@barchard This would be good one for your WeaverTips

Noted. Thanks! I hope to get another batch done next week


The meta tag will still work. I think RM separated the description field to make it easier. But the code that gets generated would be the same.

Just like the index and follow check boxes can be done by adding tags or checking boxes.

Things like SEO helper or importing will have the same result. They all generate HTML meta tags on the page.

It would be good practice to use one method that works for you.

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So you should use one or the other, but not both?

Yes use only one or the other other wise you will gererate 2 or more meta tags in your HTML.
Here is a test with Foundation SEO helper, A manual meta tag and the desciption box filled out:

You can see that 3 meta desciptions are generated.


Thanks all. One or other but not both it is!

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