Can someone demystify the Meta Tags tab please

I expect the information is out there somewhere - but here goes anyway… The Meta Tags tab seems to have acquired some extra features. The Description tag is the one I use the most. Occasionally I use the Keywords tag - but that’s about it. I’m guessing that if I only want to use the Description tag I can put this in the Description field that contains the helpful character count. And therefore nothing should appear in the Tags list further down - unless I decide to use the Keywords tag? But what about the Template field at the bottom? What is this for and how does it work? Mine is populated with a couple of items - I didn’t put these here BTW, they must have been carried over when I upgraded from RW6 to RW7? What are they and do I need them? Thanks for your help!

There are tons of uses for meta tags. Things like author, copyright and open graph tags for Facebook. Also Twitter card tags GEO coding info, and the list goes on.
Yes in RW7 the description and the two robots text options index one follow have been made easier to enter. They still work if you have them in the tags portion down at the bottom, but don’t put them in both places.

Here is a free video on this from realmac

If you’re gotten meta tags pre formatted from another source they can be placed in the code section under head (Page or site wide).

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Thanks for that Doug - and for the link to the vid.

We’ve also just released a free RapidWeaver For Beginners course — lesson three covers meta tags :slight_smile:

If you want more in-depth info about meta tags, and all-round SEO goodness, then we have a paid-for RapidWeaver SEO Course that’ll help you out further :slight_smile:

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Thanks very much for the link Ben!