Migrate from RW4 to RW6

I wish to upgrade my web site from RW4.4.2 to RW6.3.8
I first downloaded RW5.4.1 which successfully opened the old file.
Then I open RW6.3.8 but when I look for the RW5.3.8 file to open, it is greyed out in the finder.(OS 10.10.5)
There is no error message
Help please

You must open and save your file with RW 5.4.1.
Now you can open your file with RW 6.3.8.

RW 4 files must be shown, only RW 3 files are greyed.

Thanks Oskar. My mistake and typo…I have opened and saved the file with RW 5.4.1 (not 5.3.8 as I wrote)but the file, RapidWeaver 5.4.1.app is greyed out in the finder when I try to open it from RW6

You cannot open the RapidWeaver 5.4.1.app file, that’s the program file.
You must search … and open the new RW 5 file.

But, I have seen that RW 6 can open directly (without RW 5.4.1) the RW 4 file. That’s new.

No, you must open and save the file with 5.4.1. Otherwise the file can be opened but there is no content !
Everything is still as usual :wink:

OK, got it. I did not realise there was a separate file that needed to be found somewhere on my computer…
I have now found it and opened it successfully. Tomorrow I will start learning about RW6…
Many thanks :slight_smile:

My pleasure :wink:
I have different folders in the folder documents. A folder for RW 5 files and one for RW 6 files.
So I must not search. But be careful when saving the files.