Migrate from RW4 to RW6

(Simon Crosbie) #1

I wish to upgrade my web site from RW4.4.2 to RW6.3.8
I first downloaded RW5.4.1 which successfully opened the old file.
Then I open RW6.3.8 but when I look for the RW5.3.8 file to open, it is greyed out in the finder.(OS 10.10.5)
There is no error message
Help please

(Oscar Schmid) #2

You must open and save your file with RW 5.4.1.
Now you can open your file with RW 6.3.8.

RW 4 files must be shown, only RW 3 files are greyed.

(Simon Crosbie) #3

Thanks Oskar. My mistake and typo…I have opened and saved the file with RW 5.4.1 (not 5.3.8 as I wrote)but the file, RapidWeaver 5.4.1.app is greyed out in the finder when I try to open it from RW6

(Oscar Schmid) #4

You cannot open the RapidWeaver 5.4.1.app file, that’s the program file.
You must search … and open the new RW 5 file.

But, I have seen that RW 6 can open directly (without RW 5.4.1) the RW 4 file. That’s new.

(Oscar Schmid) #5

No, you must open and save the file with 5.4.1. Otherwise the file can be opened but there is no content !
Everything is still as usual :wink:

(Simon Crosbie) #6

OK, got it. I did not realise there was a separate file that needed to be found somewhere on my computer…
I have now found it and opened it successfully. Tomorrow I will start learning about RW6…
Many thanks :slight_smile:

(Oscar Schmid) #7

My pleasure :wink:
I have different folders in the folder documents. A folder for RW 5 files and one for RW 6 files.
So I must not search. But be careful when saving the files.