Can't open a 5.4.1 saved probject

I follow the online instructions and I get the error message that the file cannot be opened in RW7. I have no trouble opening it in RW5 but I do not get a message that asks me to transfer plugins, etc. I am working on an iMac, late 2015, software is El Capitan 10.11.6. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Denise

I believe you have to go to 5.41 in between 5 and 7

Yes, that is what I did. Still doesn’t work. Won’t open anything older than the 7. The instructions say to save a RW5 document in 5.4.1. Then I can open it in 7, but I keep getting an error. Can you tell me what the new extension is? .rw or .rwsw?


Denise -
RW5 is .rwsw, RW6 is .rw6 and RW7 is .rw

As i recall after you save the project in RW5.4.1 i believe it saves at as an .rw6 file with same name as the original file but with the new extension and in the same folder with the original .rwsw file. So it is the .rw6 file that you will open in RW7.

Maybe someone can chime in to confirm that.

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Thanks, guys, but it still doesn’t work for me. Not sure why. I get the error message that it cannot be opened. I can still open it with version 5 but it’s a no go for 7. I’ve put a report in, but I’m wondering why this stuff never works for me like it says it does. I have the latest iMac. I have the latest software. You would think that Version 7 of RapidWeaver would work backwards to open version 5 even after creating the new file. Very frustrating. Denise

What is the extension of the project file you are trying to open in RW7?

It is .rw. Thanks, Denise

You’re not alone Denise, I"m having the same problem, I posted it in the forum with no response and RW tech support takes several days to respond, I’ve been working on this for 2 weeks now.

The only difference is that my extension is .rwsw and it still will not open in v7.

Have you had any luck at resolving the issue?

Hi Keith, I’ve had no luck. I got so frustrated that I switched my website to Adobe Muse. I have several clients who have their sites done with Rapidweaver 5 and I think I’ll just keep them in that to avoid having to redo the complete sites. It is rather disconcerting, because I’ve been a fan of Rapidweaver since the beginning. Denise