Min. Requirements for RW7 & Stacks

I currently work on a number of large sites using a decked out iMac with plenty of RAM, quad core… etc I’m looking at buying a used 2010 late MacBook Air, (this one has 4gb RAM), and while it supposedly runs El Capitan, it’s the oldest model to support it. Anyone run RW7 using one? I want to know if it’ll handle the few edits I’ll make or not.

I think it’ll work just fine, but be a bit slow with complex pages.

It definitely depends on which model you get. Christi does all our support on a 11" 2011 MacBook Air i7. It’s actually pretty fast. She runs RW7, Stacks, and El Capitain.


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Thanks Isaiah. Sounds like it should good enough as long as I don’t go crazy. Moving a major site over to Foundry which should actually help, as the old site has sort of been half-assed upgraded since RW 5. That’s the site I figure will get the most work on from the air.