RW 8.1.4 and OS 10.11.6 ""solved "" Given up the battle and downloading Mojave

I have asked before but had no answer.
I’m currently on the first version of RW8, it works on El Capitan but to be honest its abit, lets say, ‘individual’ in its behaviour. But it works ok and I can put up with it til I decide on how to deal with the Adobe Illustrator subscription fees or go to Affinity and upgrade to Mojave. Which will stabilise its unusual 10.11.6 habits RW, I believe.

So saying this
1 Can 8.4 cope with OS 10.11.6 - I dont expect support via RW as they state its not available.
2 Can I download 8.1.4 and it not interfere with 8.0.3
3 I understand I cant open a website once opened in .4 again in 8.0.3
so I guess all i have to do is delicate the website folders and only work in the copy whilst Im evaluating 8.4
4 Can i delete 8.4 if it hates El Capitan without prejudice to my 8.0.3 version ( i cant go back to 7 cos Ive just updated 6 sites )

This would be very useful info not just to me but probably quite a lot of El Capitan users.

GEEZ im glad I undertook that bloody adventure ! Nothing like a HD erase to brighten up your weekend.

I have a perfectly good Mac Pro that cannot be upgraded beyond El Capitan. I upgraded to Rapidweaver 8 after Realmac’s assurance that El Capitan was supported, then later said it wasn’t. So far Rapidweaver 8.03 works OK with El Capitan. However, I am concerned about the latest Rapidweaver updates, and would also like to know the answer to Leigh’s questions!

Wait, is Realmac Software now saying RapidWeaver past 8.0.3 is no longer usable for OS 10.11.6? Is this official?

@davidfreels The latest version of Rapidweaver 8 might be usable with El Capitan OS 10.11.6, but it is not officially supported. The point is that initially it was, then Realmac retracted their support. Version 8.03 seems to work well enough, but we are wondering about the updates since then. Especially since each new version is not backward compatible.

You guys do realise that EC is something like 4 years and 4 revisions old?

You realise you’re making websites, not steam powered books?

At some point users need to get real and accept that just because they want to hang on to completely outdated equipment they can’t expect developers to support it. No?

@jamesbond Sure, except that Realmac at first said this on their blog post:

“I’m pleased to say we’ve managed to ensure RapidWeaver 8 will run great on everything from macOS 10.11 through to macOS 10.14!”

I bought version 8 based on that statement. Then after it came out, they said 10.11 is not supported! Kinda bait and switch in my opinion. Anyway, as stated, Rapidweaver 8.03 seems OK with El Capitan, but some of us want to know if we dare go further with further version 8 updates.

I would suggest common sense says if it ain’t broke, don’t mess with it. Stay at 8.0.3.

i know that they did initially blog about it being 10.11 compatible – and (as of this writing at least) that wording is still there. whether it was a typo or something changed i don’t know, but it’s been 10.12 for a while – and i’ve been building Stacks for according to that requirement (10.12 in specific).

if 10.11 is important to you, i’d probably ask for a refund or stick with whatever version works.

even if it kinda works today, there’s no telling when they (or a plugin developer like me) will build something uses a 10.12 API call – in which case the app will crash when it bumps into it.

@isaiah Yes, I agree it is wise to leave well enough alone, and stick with what I know is working. At least until I am in a position to move on to a more current Mac OS. Also, good point about future plugins, I will be cautious about further updates in general.

nor me

No idea, sorry!

OK ok I was wrong , James - youre right - I gave in after the Mac started to die 3 months ago , I struggled with a system that had , had it.
Using RW in 10.11.6 was ok , but it was difficult at times, well all the time really, preview led a life of its own , BUT after two days of trying to fix it - I erased the hard drive . Put in Mojave, freaked abit , when the time machine played up. But after 20 hours of pain the Mac and RW are nearly there.
The difference with RW is quite shocking. Its faster and the preview works. only another half dozen serials to find and it’s there. so even a Luddite can learn eventually, but in defence, sometimes you just got to make the best with what you’ve got and can afford.

If you can do it and RW is becoming difficult, it is well worth the effort. Still on 8.0.3 though !
Steam power is good but Mojave is better,

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I made the jump to a new Mac mini after RW 8 came out and my 2011 iMac struggled to run it. (Didn’t support Mojave either, but Final Cut Pro X works just fine… hmmmm… )

The upgrade was huge, and RW past 8.0.3 has been great. I also switched to Affinity Designer since I didn’t want to upgrade or subscribe to Illustrator. Wow… Affinity is so fast. I love it. Grabbed it during the Christmas sale at like 50% off. What a steal. Definitely better than illustrator from an optimization stand point.


ok that’s really interesting - Ive subscribed to Illustrator , its very good I have to admit, BUT I get a lot of Force Quit on starting and sometimes won’t open at all ?? ( not great considering its £20 a month for ever ) Its kinda slow at times as well. It shouldn’t be ( new Mojave install and 8 gig ram ) but not just slow , like sluggish.
When it settles down it does have some nice features but more than I need really, so will deff look at affinity alongside to see if I can make the transfer. It can’t have the plotter plugin sadly ( I make a lot of signage and van livery cut straight from Illustrator )
I still haven’t gone past 8.03 - After a full install, and couldn’t reinstall back up from Time Machine, so a manual job, then Time Machine deleted itself and all its files ( yes it can and I didn’t know it could !!! ) Im really not ready mentally for any more RW upgrades lol

Hi, jsut to say I’m using OSX 10.11.6 and I think for a long time I’ll be staying there. I use the Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign and will not update as I do not agree with paying by the month for any software and as I find my older Adobe software does everything that I need to do why would I spend on what I don’t need. So Rapidweaver you may be shooting yourself in the foot by falling into the Apple trap which wants us to abandon our older machine and keep buying new ones, as I look across the room and see a perfectly working older iMac that Apple have stopped offering updates to. We are not all flush with cash to keep updated not just software but machines as I have invested so much already into all kinds of software and hardware.

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So let me get this right, you think developers such as RealMac should hobble their product for all their users so that you personally don’t have to pay for another developers update?

I’ve got a copy of an old text adventure game that came on a floppy, you’ve inspired me to boycot RW until it comes on 5¼ floppy’s that work with OS6 on a 68000.

If you’re happy to use an old version of Illustrator then you should be just as happy to use an old version of RW.


Yeah, illustrator suffers terrible from version bloat. I’ve been using CS5 forever, and probably would have continued, but seeing Affinity Designer and trying it out, I decided I liked the idea of using a streamlined, well built piece of software. I did get it on sale, but even full price it’s a bargain.

I think that your argument that @pat2b believes companies should always be planning future versions of software with ancient hardware in mind is needlessly hyperbolic. Not to mention that RealMac pulled, probably unintentionally, a bit of a bait and switch by changing the basic system requirements AFTER the software and several patches came out. There is reason to be upset there.

(We’ll ignore his comment about planned obsolescence. Anyone who’s owned Apple stuff long term knows it lasts and stays relevant twice as long as any other hardware manufacturer.)

I think there’s a definite argument to be made that RW8 is not well optimized. (Again, my 2011 iMac that could run FCPX struggled with RW8. That shows it’s not a hardware issue.) Neither are the Adobe suite apps, and it’s ok to be frustrated with that. I can definitely understand why people would want to stay with solid, better running software.

People shouldn’t feel the need to upgrade for upgrading sake. RW isn’t cheap, and if 7 is doing what you want, or Adobe’s CS5 is doing what you want, and you’re seeing other people are struggling with issues after upgrade, then I get that. I don’t think mocking those people is really appropriate. I wouldn’t buy a new car if my current car is working just fine, and the new car has reports that it doesn’t always start, occasionally you have to re-attached the wheels, and sometimes it’ll randomly stall.

While I’m happy with RW8 now, I sure wasn’t with what was launched, and it was frustrating. It was a very very bad launch for them. Does it mean I’ll boycott them? No, but I definitely won’t move to their next version right away. I’ll be waiting a couple of months to see everything shake out. Regardless of how you feel about the upgrade cycle of software or how companies try to stay in business, a bad launch hurts… and RealMac did hurt themselves with this launch.

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