Problems with Stacks 3

Hello Everybody,

in my last post i speak over my Problems with RW 6 under El Capitan and Stacks 3

My History:

  1. i work with RW 5 with Stacks 2 under Mountain Lion and everything was brilliant!
    I can Work realy fast, and all my Stacks (i had all Stacks from Doobox, Elixier and many others) runs fast and perfect.

2 Than i updated to El Capitan and RW 6
Since that time RW 6 is very slowly and i have to wait on the easyest things.
But i runs

  1. Today i updated to Stacks Version 3 and know i have only Problems!!!
    Some of my Stacks didnt work again and some make hard problems!

Please can anybody help me?
Sorry for my bad Englisch, i´m from Germany,- )


Depends on the stacks, you might need to update to get the latest version of the stack. See this FAQ about it:

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oh how embarrassing,- ) i had 40 updates,- )
Many Thanks, i hope know everything runs.

Another Question to the Pro´s

Normaly i have my Customized Themes under

Aplication Support
Rapid Weaver

But since RW 6 my new Customized themes ar not there?
Do you know where they can be?

Many Thanks


With RapidWeaver open, hold down command and option and push the number 7, that opens up where they are kept now, so you might have to copy them over.

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Great i found them,- ) Many Thanks!!!