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my project randomly loses the links to resources, sometimes magically finding them again. I am using Rapidweaver 8.5.1 and storing my files on OneDrive.

This used to only happen if I tried to open the project on a different computer (.e.g my notebook) but now is happening just on my iMac

I have no problems with OneDrive syncing.
does anyone else still have this problem?

A Rapidweaver project is really a folder structure where each each item inside the bundle is synced individually. What you describe suggests that the file is opened on the other computer before the sync is complete.

that’s what I thought originally, but it’s not only happening when I open the folder or file on another computer. it’s now happening when I am just using one computer. I have also saved it, waited for hours for any sync to complete then opened it again, and voila! files missing.

That is interesting. But to fully rule out issues caused by the cloud service, I suggest you move the project to a folder that is not synced and just put compressed versions of the project in the cloud. It should be possible to set up a script in Keyboard Maestro or a similar app to handle the packing and unpacking automatically.

thanks - I will do that - I have had to resort to copying it to a USB key when I travel…oh well…

Check the project settings (advanced) is set to copy into document:

A lot of folks have been having issues with Dropbox and project files, but this is the first time I’ve heard of OneDrive having the issue.

You can also try manually copying the file to and from OneDrive and the hard drive. Some people are zipping and unzipping their project files to and from Dropbox. It’s inconvenient but might be easier than a usb drive.

I recall @TechBill Bill had posted about issues with Onedrive. Maybe he can check in about this?

My issue was the “File on Demand” feature of the OneDrive.

I had to disable it to keep local copies of my project on both of my computers with RW installed otherwise it will eat up my iMac RAM.

I don’t know exactly why but I suspect that while I am using RW to develop a site, the RW is always making changes to the project file so OneDrive is also always trying to keep it in sync’ed with the cloud

But OneDrive wasn’t completed with the first set of the changes made to the project file and RW keep making changes causing it to start a new sync process for each change to the project file eating up the memory and processor time.

And now I no longer keep active RW project file in cloud instead I keep a copy on local drive and have it sync to the cloud. Whenever I am working on the same project file on my laptop, I will make sure it completely synced the project file on my laptop local drive before working on it.

There an icon next to each folder or file to show you if it synced or still syncing. When I see all green then I know computer which I am currently using project file is in sync with the other computer that I also use to work on the same project file.

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thanks Bill - this makes sense. seems like there is a fundamental incompatibility between the file saving approach of Rapidweaver and the syncing approach of OneDrive. I have now done the same as you. hopefully Time Machine can cope!!!

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