Modifying Margins on Amazon Ads

I asking for some help in determining why my Amazon image ads have such a long bottom margin. I have consulted with Amazon and their reply said that if I didn’t know how to modify html code there wasn’t anything that could be done. They also mentioned that it may be an issue with RapidWeaver, which I doubt, however, I am asking someone to look at this code and tell me if it is indeed the code or RapidWeaver.

If it is the code, is there a way I can reduce the bottom margin? The issue can be viewed on my home page in the sidebar where I have placed three Amazon book ads. Notice the large margin between the images, The Divided Ground, American Colonies, and The First Frontier.

All three images are placed on the sidebar using the ‘Teleporter’ stack. All html stacks used within Teleporter have no margins added.

Here is the html for the Amazon book ‘The Divided Ground’:


Is there anyway that I can resolve this issue. By the way, the above html does the same even if I place it within the page itself without moving it to the sidebar with ‘Teleporter’.

Thank you!
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I have resolved this issue myself. Scott

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