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Can anyone point me in the right direction. I am looking for a stack for a paid monthly subscription magazine.
What i need is a stack that can handle monthly subscriptions that will allow me to download a CSV file to hand to my printers so they can mail out my magazines. When clients sign up I want them to have the option to sign up for either 1, 6 or 12 months. I would also need paid members to have access to a private area on the site.

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You could use one of the Form programs and define the output to a single line that you could copy and paste into numbers and export it as a csv file when needed.

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It’s not a stack but it will work with your site. I have used Sitelok (years ago) in conjunction with a members area. You should be able to setup access for your printers to “grab” the addresses I believe.

Search the forums here for “sitelok” and be sure to read the details on the sitelok page. On the sitelok page there is a link to download a Manual PLUS a short manual for RapidWeaver 7. Not sure if it’s been tested with RW8.

Sitelok people pop into the forums here now and again. I believe they are well respected and trusting with RW users.

Don’t confuse “Sitelok” with “SiteLock” which is a completely different animal. You want

I’ll also add that Joe Workman as a stack especially for SiteLok… I don’t think it adds any features, it makes it easier to install and setup I think…I’ve never used it.

And check SiteLok’s plugins page. They make plugins for many PayPal, email systems, carts, etc.


As @1611mac Greg advised, sitelok is a great platform for membership control.
For creating a CSV from a form, if you are using foundation (Joe Workman) you can set the form to custom post and easily write to a CSV file with a few lines of php.

Thank you Greg, I will certainly have a look at this.

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