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(Julien Vogels) #1

I would like to make a subscription to my monthly newsletter. Which stack is suitable for this purpose

(Joe Martin) #2

Depends on what data you wish to collect?

(Neil) #3

Most newsletter services like Mailchimp etc. have their own sign up form that you can embed into an HTML stack. You can then use some CSS to style it if you want/can.

Another option if you want a stack is Post Office by Joe Workman. But check first that Post Office will work with the service you’re going to use.

(Julien Vogels) #4

i want to collect the e-mailadresses to sent them mij newsletter

(Joe Martin) #5

@joeworkman post office or just a stack like FormSnap if you are going to do the parcing.
For small responses you can do it yourself…for larger I would recommend mail chimp.

(michael m.) #6

You should use a newsletter service, they all have their own opt-in procedure. It will cost some money but sending newsletters over your own mail server is no good idea.

If you want to do it yourself:

  • You need a mail server that can send a large number of mails at the same time and
  • Your mail server or your domain under which the mail account runs should be certified (look for CSA certificate), otherwise your domain will soon be listed as a spam domain on a blacklist.

(Doug Bennett) #7

If you do it yourself there’s a lot of compliance issues that the service companies can help out with.

Here’s a few from the USA

  • Every email needs an easy opt-out option
  • Honor opt-out requests quickly
  • Give a physical address
  • Tell readers where your email is coming from

These laws vary from location.

Most of the mail services offer free or inexpensive starter accounts. Mailchimp’s free account works for up to 2,000 contacts.

(Julien Vogels) #8

Thx for the information