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Thinking about starting a membership section on my website. Looking for recommendations on the best stack for doing this…

Not stacks but sitelok is what you want.

Joe Workman sells sitelok stacks that make it easier to implement.

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Thanks Scott, I’ll take a look at that :slight_smile:

Scott I’m confused because on his site he calls it a stack;

Would I need both, the one you posted and the one on Weavers space? Or can I just get the one on Joes site (linked above)?

Joes stacks just make it easier to use the sitelok scripts. You need to buy sitelok from vibralogix. Joes stack is optional.

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Thanks for posting Rolisize. I will look into this but I read some negative reviews about their customer service.

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I’d go with Sitelok mentioned above.

Adrian (@vibralogix) has excellent support. If you can copy and paste code installation is easy.

Video on creating with RapidWeaver

PDF Manual on using sitelok with RapidWeaver


@AngelArs If you have any questions please send me a message via I am sure we can get things setup. Thank you Doug and Scott for the recommendation. On Christmas day too :grinning:

I wish all of you the best for the holidays and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.


Thank you Adrian. I will probably pull the plug on this in a week or two. Not sure if I’ll get the stack on Weavers space or not. Seems a bit pricey for what it does. Will decide that later. Thanks everyone for your direction and help with this. Much appreciated :slight_smile:

Sitelok is the only choice. Brilliant product, fantastic support. And there are a lot of add-ons: some free, some paid. I create course websites that need to be password protected. Sitelok has been great for me each time I’ve used it. Besides the “login” feature it has a number of other options that make it super useful for me.

I did purchase Joe’s Sitelok stacks. It probably is overpriced … but it solved a need for me. I typically have 30 to 40 pages in a course website. Before deploying I would add the Sitelok info to each page. When I was doing it by code I would typically make mistakes on a few pages: all my fault. Using Joe’s stacks makes it faster/easier to put the relevant code for each page at each level of the website. It’s a bit of a luxury on my part for being somewhat lazy, but it does help. Necessary: no. But definitely helpful in some cases. And that makes it worth it to me.

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I use Sitelok and Joe’s Sitelok stacks to manage a membership of around 200. Management of members is easy and support from Adrian at Vibralogix is excellent. I used Sitelok for a couple of years before Joe’s stacks came out and they do make deployment on a RW site easier, not essential but nice to have.

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