Membership control stacks etc


I use sitelok but i need more comprehensive stacks to make

tournamets sites
team tournaments
member list
possibility to move member between team and subscribtion
integration with a calender
team overview

we need to have like a payment in the secure area where members pay and the one driving to tournamets can get the money from that account.
is there other possibilites that paypal ?

hope any have some ideas what i can use

thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Sitelok is an add-on piece of software that will do exactly what you need. The owner is very familiar with RapidWeaver - he even built his site using it. On top of that, @vibralogix (Adrian) is very, very helpful. Read through this post for more information: Shout out for Sitelok - password protection & membership software

I laso have heard that a pre-eminent Stacks developer will soon be releasing a new product that makes integrating Sitelok even easier into Rw sites. Be on the lookout for an announcement soon.



Thank you Dave

Hes Adrian is fantastic and very helpful.

I just want to make these sites so What you say it i just need to figure put how to Billy Them in rw and fond a Way with payment to card and from cards Which Will not cost money for the club Which PayPal Does

Im looking but maybe i just Cant see it :blush:

I need to be easy to make for other users



all e-commerce will cost something! Best bet may be Stripe which is a fair bit cheaper than paypal and is compatible with Sitelok