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I’m new to RapidWeaver and the Forum. I’m building my first site, using the Mountains theme. I’d like to reduce the size of the Blog title. Is there an easy way to do this? I’d also like to find a straightforward way of adding a Captcha element to a Contact Form. Thanks.

Hi Gary, Have you published the site? when asking styling questions it is helpful to include a URL. Otherwise, someone has to re-create your project locally to help.

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Hi Scott. Thanks for the reply. The page isn’t published yet. I’m using the simulate button to generate a preview.

This should work for the Blog Title:

.blog-permalink {font-size: 32px;}

Adjust the size to whatever you like.

Not sure on adding a Cpatcha to the contact form, not sure if it is possible. You can’t even make a human test, like what is 4+4=.

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Great, thanks. That worked well.

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