Mountains Banner

hi I am using the mountains as my template is there any way I can make my banner photo shorter in height ?
I am feeling some people click on my page and don’t scroll down to see the rest of my content
I have tried resizing the photo but just reverts back to default settings of 1080 x720 px
many thanks for your help

Try this:
@media screen and (min-width: 768px) {
.hero-background {
height: 50vh;

Thank you SO much! That’s exactly what I was after, and it’s doing the trick perfectly!

I do like this theme - the site logo is precisely what I need, and few other themes seem to have it - but the banner is WAY too big. This size is perfect.

Next, to hack the fonts :slight_smile: (which is much easier!).

Hi joe
Where would I put this code I had tried to copy and paste the code into the website but I don’t know exactly where to put it. Please could you point me to the right place
Thank you

I tried it there but will give it another go when back from my holidays cheers joe

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