Moveable page elements - possible?


I’ve had a request from a client who wants to move the order of some questions on a page - sort of drag and drop. I’m using Total CMS to enable him to make changes so I imagine this is the area to apply it if it’s doable.

Is that even possible?

More info?
Are the questions just CMS text fields?

The CMS field is just a container that points to data via the CMS id, you can’t “move” the containers but you can change the data to be in the order you wish.


Yeah the problem is that the client has FAQ questions and answers in an accordion and he wants to be able to delete some questions and reorder in the CMS admin. I’m not sure it’s doable but I thought I’d ask you clever lot to see if it had been done.

You could if you turned the FAQ section into a blog.

That’s an interesting option. Would I be able to use an accordion still though?

You would have to go with a different style layout. But you would have a lot more features. I personally really feel that accordions are old and overplayed.

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