My dream stack/plugin

(Linda Nicholls) #1

How about a something that will rearrange the elements on a page in alphabetical order. I’ve just finished a page with a couple of dozen author cards on it, and now the client wants them in alphabetical order instead of the order he sent them in. :slight_smile:

(Christopher Watson) #2

A database is a good way to do this.
There are quite a few good database stacks out there that are easy to implement.
Search the community site for one that would suit.

(Joe Workman) #3

I am not sure of all of the requirements. However, if you used the blog feature in Total CMS, you could sort posts alphabetically.

(Linda Nicholls) #4

Thakk Joe and Christopher. This is that page I’m referring to. I could shuffle everything manually, but I’m lazy. :slight_smile:

(Greg Schneck) #5

Here is SortStack: But not sure it’s a help. It depends how your stacks/elements are currently setup I assume. Just letting you know it’s there…

(Linda Nicholls) #6

Thanks GReg. I don’t think it will work in this instance, but it’s a very interesting stack I’m sure I’ll need eventually. Thanks!

(system) #7

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