My dream stack/plugin

How about a something that will rearrange the elements on a page in alphabetical order. I’ve just finished a page with a couple of dozen author cards on it, and now the client wants them in alphabetical order instead of the order he sent them in. :slight_smile:

A database is a good way to do this.
There are quite a few good database stacks out there that are easy to implement.
Search the community site for one that would suit.

I am not sure of all of the requirements. However, if you used the blog feature in Total CMS, you could sort posts alphabetically.

Thakk Joe and Christopher. This is that page I’m referring to. I could shuffle everything manually, but I’m lazy. :slight_smile:

Here is SortStack: But not sure it’s a help. It depends how your stacks/elements are currently setup I assume. Just letting you know it’s there…

Thanks GReg. I don’t think it will work in this instance, but it’s a very interesting stack I’m sure I’ll need eventually. Thanks!

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