Re-arrange stack content in a Rapidweaver CMS

I have a ‘stately home’ client who stage a modest number of theatre events and classes throughout the year. They are keen to be able to edit these themselves if possible.

The way it is done at present is to have a series of left float stacks with text and small image which - importantly - I can re-use and re-arrange to keep in date order. See link below:

No problem creating a similar layout in Easy CMS but how could the events be re-arranged to keep in date order? Easy CMS is the only CMS I have and I’m quite new to it - but happy to look at other solutions and licence fee not an issue if Total CMS would offer this.

I can’t recall if Total CMS has a ‘drag and re-order’ style setting or not. But you could set it up as a blog and have them go in and edit the date of a blog post and that would do the trick.


better take a look at Total then…I assume the blog is a stack that can be positioned as you wish.

Yep. It’s generally a ‘List’ layout or a ‘Card’ layout, but you can put it in columns, have various image/gallery settings, etc. It’s worth checking out the 30-day trial at least.

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Exactly as @jabostick says. And sorting will have to be done via the date field. No problem at all…

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