Multiple h1 headers - One built into theme

I have a site built some years back in Henk’s “Stripped” theme and Bing Webmaster Tools is alerting me to multiple H1 tags on each page, and also rating this as a ‘High Severity’ issue (I don’t believe this is the case with Google, but I’m concentrating on Bing where the sites performance is not very good)

I certainly have only added one H1 header. However, in the theme, Sidebar headers are H1 (see below) and it appears this is the cause of multiple H1 Tags.


So the question is, how do I remove the sidebar headers from the Theme (as they are not used) or change them within the theme to something else, and are there any consequences of doing so? I believe @willwood may have taken over this theme?

No experience of hacking themes!

Here it is straight from Google’s mouth… Its ok to have multiple H1 tags.


If you are comfortable editing a copy of the theme you can find the template HTML file. Most themes call the file template.html.

Look for a %sidebar_title%. Change the <h1> and </h1> surrounding it. Change it to h3 or whatever.

Don’t think it’s going to make much difference though.

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Yes I don’t recognise that HTML markup as mine. I suspect you are using an older version of the theme. I normally use H3s or H4s for sidebar titles - at they won’t clash with your site title / slogan and can be used in multiples on a webpage.

I think your four options probably are:

  1. Note the problem. Don’t act or do anything if it’s not causing major problems. Just live with it for now and seek to perhaps fix it at a later time.
  2. Download the latest version of the theme from your Paddle account or buy the theme from the website again if you missed the free update window. The new theme has a number of improvements and new features.
  3. Open the theme index.html file and follow the instructions in my knowledgebase for editing the HTML and removing the code you no longer need. It really is not too difficult, if you follow my instructions.
  4. Hire me to modify the theme to remove the offending HTML code and do a mini SEO audit of your website.

Stripped theme:

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I’m aware of Google’s approach. The problem is this website does very well in Google but is almost non-existent in Bing, Yahoo and DDG results. In my Bing webmaster tools multiple H1 tags is listed as a ‘high severity’ issue. Hard to believe I agree!

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