Removing duplicate h1 and RW branding

Hello, I found few themes that work well,howver, the majority of them including your Future theme include more tan a one h1 tag, so, I want to remove the h1 for all pages and only show one h1 tag for the page.

Second, I see there is a message that says " This page was created with RapidWeaver from Realmac Software."

So, how to disable that, I unchecked 'Credit Rapid Weaver" option and that only removes that meta tag.
These are my 2 problems now with RW. I hope there is a clear solution for them.

The first h1 is built into many of the themes. That comes from the title field and can be overridden on each page. Without modifying the theme that can’t be removed unless the theme allow that in its settings. The second h1 in the image you listed is something that you must have added with content.

I just check with the Future theme and it doesn’t (on its own) produce more than one h1 tag.

As for disabling the message, I don’t even remember where the “credit rapid Weaver” option is. It honestly has never bothered me.

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Thanks for your explanation, my main problem is how to remove the line <h1 class="hero-title">Welcome</h1> , it appears on every page on the Engineer or Future theme, so, there is a duplicate h1 and i want on single h1. That’s it.

That is built into the theme. You can’t remove that one. I don’t know where you are getting the “Welcome” from. That (text inside the h1) comes from what you have in the title field in General settings. I thought the default was “My Website”. You can also change the text that appears as the H1 on a page by page basis. That is done in the page inspector.


teefers, thank you again, you’re right, I didn’t noticed there is an option to add a custom h1 title per page, so, instead of using that option you mentioned in the screenshot above, I added the page title h1 manually in the document and that’s what caused the problem. So, now, I just removed my h1 and added a custom one as you said. Problem solved.
Aprceiate your help, have a great day :slightly_smiling_face:


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