Multiple language website

My website is in multiple languages (for the moment 3) but I want to extend to 5. Spanish, English, German, French and Dutch. Since I live in an international community, it has to be al these languages. I can’t find a solution for the menu.
All menus seem to display all the pages, which of course should not be. Once you have selected the language, I want clients only to see the menu options for that specific language.
For the moment I have created buttons to work as a menu but it seems a bit rudimentary.
Does anyone have any experience with this?

@Vitalidad – You may want to look at the "MyMenu" from NimbleHost. It allows to hide the main menu on chosen pages and use only the menu items you create for that page/pages. I use it for my own bi-lingual site.

RWML is flexible, easy and well supported and I would recommend it to explore :+1:t2:


@EricW – Thanks for this suggestion. I was looking for something like this… :grin:

Hi, do you have any experience, if google can distinguish between the multiple languages on a site using RWML?

I only use RWML on my splash page, but then my bilingual site is on separate pages in two separate folders.

I also wonder about how Google deals with RWML !?

I am working on 2 new RWML versions. RWML v2 is adding some new features like e.g. a dropdown language switch and improvements to the menu system that should make it compatible with 99% of the available themes. RWML v2.5 (or maybe 3) is going to be a completely rewritten PHP side wide system to improve a number of things including SEO support although you should not have any issues with that since you can easily tell Google that alternative content URLs are available:

<link rel="alternate" href="" hreflang="nl" />
<link rel="alternate" href="" hreflang="en" />

Hope this helps.