Multi Language menu .... best way 2019

Im looking at all the alternatives for building a site that can be translated into 5 languages.

No mater what method I end up choosing I will still have to show that menu of the different language options.

Some say that Flags is not the way to go. But if not flags then what?

Im building the site in Foundry.

I will need the iphone version of the site to have the language options. But not sure best design for this.
Any advice greatly appreciated

I use RWML from S-4-S in one Foundation website (normally 2 or 3 languages). RWML comprises 9 stacks, with one for improving SEO and another one for translating the menu. The users language choice is tracked by a cookie with a predetermined life, typically 90 days. I cannot see the problem with flags / text to choose language, auto language detection is more problematic as people move. The S-4-S website has much more information.


Yes, indeed, as Phil says, RWML ( is definitely your best ally. It’s wonderful, it has a learning curve but once you know how to use it, it’s the most effective option you’ll find. Apart from @willwood customer service that is always impeccable :slightly_smiling_face:


Great thanks for that info. I have downloaded thew trial.

Anyone tried using RWML with Total CMS?

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