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Hi guys,

I want to create a website with multiple languages (Spanish and English). Which will be the best way to do this and how should I manage the names of the domain?. Should I create a subdomain for each language, for example: for Spanish and for English Or if I leave everything in the same domain, how should I organize it?. And is there a way with a stack or something to make the website detect where are you visiting from and preselect a language, for example, if you visit the site from the US it will go automatically to English.

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I was recommended to use RWML by Tsooj Media:
It’s really a great tool even though i have not finished to change my webpage by now.

In the moment my page still is with different subfolders…


I agree with Barbara. I have a 3-lingual website and I am using the RWML stack (version 2-beta) from Tsooj Media.

You don’t need any subdomains for that. All language versions reside on the same page. A viewer clicks on a flag or a text indicating their choice of language. That produces a cookie, which tells their browser which language to use from then on.

At first it was a bit confusing for me, but now that I got a hang of it, it’s very easy to implement.

You may need or want to modify your theme (also not too difficult), so that the breadcrumbs in the footer also display in the right language. Or, you may just hide the breadcrumbs in your theme and be done with them.


@Rovertek: did You have any problem with RWML and RW 7.1.7?

No, everything is working as expected. As I wrote in this thread, you need to use RWML version 2.0.0 (latest beta). Please contact Joost and ask him to give you the link for his latest beta download.

What version of RWML are you using? What version of Stacks? What kind of problems do you have with RWML?

Here is another Stack for creating multilingual websites:


@Rovertek: done, works perfectly!

@Rovertek: all latest. I think it was pluskit related

Not necessarily. It could have been the previous version of RWML. You should always try to have all add-ons up-to-date.

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Well, since the stacks are beta, they do not follow the normal channel and I normally do not bother the producer to have the latest beta release… :wink:

Yes, you are right about the beta. Normally, I don’t bother, either. It just so happened that I was in touch with the developer and he told me about the latest beta, so I tried it and it was working good for me. That was the only time I installed beta version of anything. :wink:

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@Joost, @Rovertek: that last beta of RWML is great! Requires some work to be completely deployed but it is great.

Last upload with the former version: 46MB
Upload with the latest beta: 22MB

for the same site and exactly the same pages!!!

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Thanks @sandokandrea and @Rovertek !

More beta updates of RWML in progress including some seo optimalisations…


I’m looking forward!