Multiple Link Colours?

(Paul Brown) #1


Is it possible to have multiple link colours on the same line or page? Maybe a way of adding some CSS perhaps?

Any suggestions very welcome!


(Robert Ziebol πŸ––πŸΌ) #2

you can do this with CSS, but a link to your page and descriptions of which links with which colors will help.

(Paul Brown) #3

Hi there

I don’t have a live link as yet. My need is to have two links in the same text line in two different colours to represent a url link and a pdf link.


(Rob Beattie) #4

This stack might be worth having a look at.


(Ron) #5

This might work if you copy it in the text stack and make any adjustments needed to have the links you want:

<span style><A HREF=""><FONT COLOR="blue">Example Link</FONT></A></span>&nbsp;<span style><A><FONT COLOR="green">and an</FONT></A></span></A></span>&nbsp;<span style><A HREF="http://www.test.pdf"><FONT COLOR="red">Example PDF</FONT></A></span>


(Paul Brown) #6


Legend - that worked perfectly! Many thanks.

robbeattie I had LinkPlus running and that usually works wonders but in this case I needed two colours on the same line.

Thanks for your help all!

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