Internal page links

On my site, inside of a Paragraph stack, I have a link that goes to the Contact Me page.
The link works great but, it is coloured White. How can I change this colour to match all other links on my site?

Isn’t the link colour set up in the Site styles stack?

Yes they are but, it seems that any change made there is reflected in most links but it does not seem to make any difference to links in a ‘Paragraph’ stack.

Even Realmac didn’t want to answer this problem. Does this mean that I must accept that the colour of a link inside of a paragraph stack, will always be white?

Send in a ticket to support(at)joeworkman(dot)net along with the project file (if the compressed file is over 1MB, you will need to use Dropbox, Droplr or something similar to send it) and we will take a look at the issue. To hard to tell what might be happening just from your description.

Hi Robert,
You have got me stumped there!
I have never zipped a RW project file, don’t even know where they are stored on my computer. I am ashamed to have to admit that but, we all have to learn I guess.
Any help would be much appreciated.

If you don’t know where it is stored and don’t want to do a spotlight search, just do a save AS and put it wherever you want(desktop, documents, a new folder) then you can right click and compress the project file.


Hey Scott, That info is brilliant, thank you for sharing it. So simple but only when you know how!
Ronnie West.

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