Multiple logo's in one project

I am working on a new layout for my website, using Michael David’s Endeavor theme. Now I would like to use more then one logo in my project (well, actually the same logo but with different color on some pages) Could someone please help me how I can do this with some CSS code?

My test project can be found here:

On this page ( for example, I need to match the color of my logo with the color of the navigation buttons.

Try the Logo stack:


I don’t think this stack will work for me. If I understand it correctly it will only allow the logo to change while hovering over it with the mouse. In my case, I want to assign a different (color) logo on separate pages…

You can assign different logos on separate pages with the Logo stack. Also if you don’t want the hover effect just use the same logo on both image options.

ah oke. Does the stack replace the normal logo then? With this I mean, will the logo be placed in exactly the same spot that the " standard" logo is placed normally within the theme?

Yep it replaces the original logo. The initial idea was to add a variation of the logo on hover, but it can be used to just replace the original logo as well.

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Tnx, Ill give it a try then.

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