Multiple Logos within projects

The ability to use multiple logos would be really appreciated. I know the request has been made before in the old forum, but it would add a lot of helpful functionality to RW. For example i’m now working on a site for a client that has a small record label, a music publications company and a literary publishing company, so if each section could have it’s own logo that would be a big plus. thanks!

There is nothing stopping each section/page from having it’s own logo right now. Just because there isn’t a great big GUI for you to drag and drop each pages individual logo doesn’t mean it can’t be done or isn’t straightforward.

All it will likely need is a little piece of custom CSS applied to the pages which need logo’s which are different to the general setting for your project.

If you provide a link to your published site and indicate which pages need a different logo we can be more specific, but I’d be surprised if it were any more complicated than dropping the alternative logos into your project resources then using a snippet to override the logo setting on that page to point to the required file.

Provide a link and I’m sure you will get instructions.

Hi kryten,

My site is in it’s very early stages so i’d rather not post a link to it, but i’m using the Ruby theme from Elixir, and when i asked Adam at Elixir about using multiple logos, he replied “That isn’t currently an option of RapidWeaver. If you’d like such an option be sure to shoot a feature request to the developers over at Realmac Software. :-)”

I really have no coding skills to speak of other than HTML, and i’m quite new to RW, so any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

The Ruby demo page is at


Have sent you a personal message.

Still, a multiple logo option in the GUI would be a great help rather than to have to edit the html code each time i edit and re-publish a page. If it was possible with a CSS, that would be fine, but as you pointed out in Ruby that does not seem possible. thanks again!

It might also be possible to use something like Joe’s Houdini stack to put a stack into the site title area.

I used the Houdini stack to put Doobox’s True Retina stack in the site title area of this website:

You could do the same thing, and just put a different logo on each page.

Thanks garth - took a look at Houdini and it looks like it would work. If it does it is certainly a really easy solution. Will check it out. Houdini looks like a very useful stack in any case. Thanks again!

Houdini does work, but will not actually replace the master logo, just append or prepend (above or below) the master logo. But still it is a good solution. I would just use it on all pages that require either of the several logos and not set a master logo. thanks for that!

This is what I did:

  1. Add a Houdini stack
  2. Choose “Custom Div”
  3. Instead of the Site Title, input the string of code that the Houdini stack gives you (it’ll be something like <div id="Logo"></div>
  4. Turn off the Site Logo
  5. Put your logo inside the Houdini stack

To put this on other pages, copy the Houdini stack and paste it on the other pages. On these other pages, drag and drop a different logo inside the Houdini stack. Change the name of the image file, and your new logo should appear in the place of the Site Title.

It should work.

yes, thanks - that’s what i did as well - and it does work.