Music Stack with Audio Waveform (Non-SoundCloud)

Does anyone know if there is a stack for showing the waveform and play location like SoundCloud does that doesn’t need to be hosted through SoundCloud?
Something like
ZoomSounds - neat HTML5 Audio Player

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As far as I know, this isn’t an easy task as your audio has to be analyzed on the server first to generate a visual representation. This means, your hosting provider needs to support custom command line tools installations (e.g. lame). So I don’t think there will ever be such a stack without using external services like soundcloud.
btw: what do you don’t like about soundcloud? I just love it!

Thanks, I thought maybe this is something that could be done with a plug-in or through HTML 5 but I guess not.

I do love soundcloud and it is perfect for so many things. I just want to avoid anything that pulls you to another website for the purpose of what I am doing. As far as I know there is no way to turn off the link to take you to their website.

Well, actually you can do a lot more with soundcloud. I once had a stack for a custom soundcloud player but it isn’t supported at the moment. There is a souncloud API available and you can do anything you want with a track or playlist (e.g. load it into a simple HTML5 audio player, create your own player, get all the souncloud info by request incl. cover images, …). Maybe I will again publish the stack. You can see a preview of this here:

Here is some info on the API to create a custom player:

And on this page, I simply get the track streamed in a HTML5 audio player:

This is great, that would be fantastic if you made a plug-in that did this and allowed you not to link back to soundcloud, there doesn’t seem to be anyone else doing a stack like that, I have looked high and low and paid for Joe Workmans stack but it still links back to soundcloud.

This looks nice but no waveform in the example and a follow button, not sure the intended customizations that will be implemented if it ever is.

In short that would be awesome if you resurrected a stack to do this!

Hopefully it will covered on the RapidWeaver show because when Ben and Dan talked about Audio Plug-ins none of the ones mentioned were all that great IMO (or at least what I am after) but they did the best they could with what’s out there and did cover some of the choices available.

JW has a Soundcloud stack:

@skillet: you know what? I will send you the latest soundcloud stack I have, so you can see if this works for you. If I will again add it to my portfolio, there are some minor things I really want to change. Please send me your feedback what you are missing and what can be improved.

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Yes I purchased it and have been using it. I completely missed @cric post and would love to see what you have. The link above no longer works.

I am back to this again and there are things that are not working with Joe’s stack that seems like it is not working like always showing and overlay.