Joe workmans SoundCloud stack with a fix?


I am creating a music library website.

I am linking playlists from a pro account in soundcloud. The playlists are in “Ivy Accordion Stracks” In there is Joe Workmans Soundcloud stack

All is working well. Except two playlists so far do not show up on my site. I just get the soundcloud logo.
This is odd, as I have done everything the same for each playlist.

The people at soundcloud told me this:

I was not able to find the iframe in the source code - so that seems to be the cause.

I looked at your other playlists and was able to locate the iframe.

Can anyone help me figure out how to fix it? I have tried redoing with a new stack etc a few times.

Other than that I don’t really know why its happening or how to fix it. I guess it will crop up more though as I have a lot more to do.


Hi Digory
I don’t know if I can help but have a look at the site I built and choose Audio. I always use Joe Workman Audio-5 stack and it works wonderfull. Perhaps you can change to that way? Succes.