Joe's Soundcloud stack and Easy CMS

Hi all,

is there are way to control Joe Workman’s Soundcloud stack via Easy CMS?

Just need an easy way for a client to have three tracks on their site that are hosted on Soundcloud and that they can update whenever they like.



Is that a ‘no’ then, EasyCMS gurus? :sunglasses: @joeworkman @zeebe

Are the tracks just urls? I’ve used macros for URL’s before for the purpose of letting a client update buttons. I just put the macro in the link dialogue box and it’s worked fine. I haven’t used soundcloud before though.

The usual way to do it is to use the embed code which Soundcloud provides.

I can do it with GoCMS but wondered if there was a funky way of achieving the same result using Joe’s SC stack.

I feel like Soundcloud and oEmbed has been mentioned on the other forum and that it was possible. But I’m not 100% on that…

You cannot edit the Soundcloud stack with Easy CMS since the values are inside the JavaScript. You could enter in the Soundcloud embed code into Easy CMS though.

Which stack would I use to enter the code Joe? Thanks.


A text stack should work or an HTML stack with a macro.

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Thanks to both but I’m still scratching my head a little.

So on the content side I’d place an ordinary Stacks text stack and then type the macro into that (for example %cmsText(soundcloud)%

Which stack would I use on the Admin side so someone could paste in the embed code from Soundcloud?

many thanks


You would use a Text admin stack, set it to Plain Text/Markdown. Then paste in the HTML to the soundcloud embed.

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That’s it Joe. Many thanks, works a treat. I’m always amazed at how flexible Easy CMS is.


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