My Home page no longer found in Google

Oh no I don’t get that warning message at all.

I have just had a bit of success though - if I google ‘mary davidson uk’ the first 3 pages are all from my website, and the Home page is the first one! It makes no sense to me as I always search through Google UK so that’s odd.

That security warning is worrying though. Thanks DaveFox.

Google search engine and Google Chrome are two totally different animals owned by the same holding company. As I said above Google Search Engine as well as any other search engine has given HTTPS a bump in ranking for quite sometime.
The “Not Secure” warning started with Google Chromes July release. You won’t see that warning on any other browsers like Safari yet. You still should implement SSL as Chrome is by far the most used browser and the other browser will probably start issuing a similar warning.

Every different search phrase from different locations will give different results. As a website builder you’re not the search engines customer or sponsor. Their goal is to provide the best SERP page, based on what phrase the searcher types from what location.

If a searcher types “coffee shops” from Los Angeles, they probably don’t want Coffee Shops in New York or London. That’s called an implicit local search. If that same searcher is traveling to London and types “coffee shops London” they’ll get local results for london. That’s called an explicit local search phrase.
Years ago to get local search results you had to explicitly give a location, but now the search engines try to determine your location. You can get more information on how they find out where you are here:

That’s a very good explanation teefers - thank you. I’m guessing I need to speak to my website hosting company to implement SSL - is that right?

Yes, you will need a SSL certificate, that’s the first step. Many hosting companies nowadays offer them free from Let’s Encrypt. If your hosting company doesn’t, I would suggest changing host. So many of them do now that it’s silly to pay for one.
If you’re stuck on your current hosting company and they don’t offer free let’s Encrypt certificates, there’s another option that’s free called CloudFlare. Ben has a blog post that covers this:

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Thanks again teefers - I have just contacted my web host for info.

Perhaps worth mentioning too that Google will display different search results, depending on whether you are logged-in to your Google account or not. Typically when you are logged-in, Google approximates your location and may display different results based on past browsing history, habits and the device you are using etc.

Thank you willwood

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