Web site not shown in google

Hi guys, I am new to RW and a beginner in any internet related “related topics”.
So I apologise in advance if anything I would say won’t make sense.
I have just published my first site following the tutorials from the RW web site (Responsive site with Foundry and Seo Fundamentals) .
The web site has been published correctly (or I hope so!) to: http://www.climahouse.com.au
But unfortunately I cannot find the web site on google.

Could you guys please give me an help?

Thank you very much


@Melnikke yes indeed Steph just trying to find it with Google but nothing. On the first position www.climahouse.com.ar/ bu can’t find your site http://www.climahouse.com.au/. No problem without Google, find it straight away, maybe something to do with your domain extension related on SEO position. Hope I could help you but unfortunately not, please keep me updated if someone can sort it out… always good to know whats going on :neutral_face:

Obvious question - have you told Google it’s there? Sign up for Google Webmaster tools and use them to tell Google about your site.

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This is a very vague statement. It’ll depend on what you’re searching for, how many other sites are targeting those search terms, and many many more SEO factors.

If it’s not appearing on any google search results pages, then your site probably hasn’t been indexed yet. As suggested above, use the Google webmaster tools to manage your site on google :slight_smile:


Hi Ben, Thank you very much for your answer :slight_smile:
It appears that now after few hours from the publishing my web site appears on google:). I will continue to work on it and get familiar with SEOs ( Maybe I will listen again the tutorials) :sweat: .
Anyway I want to thank you the RW team. It is a neat, user friendly software and I have been enjoying working with that so far.:slight_smile:


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It may have something to do with Google’s latest policy of not indexing sites with more than 5 glaring spelling mistakes on the home page!

I’d suggest running the entire site through a spell checker. If you are serious about offering ‘susteinable developments’ (sic) at least make the website look professional.