My og-image failing to show correctly in Facebook

Hi all, I have an og-image for my client, 1200 x 628 72 res, it’s loaded to the live hosting space, and if I check on Social checker it tells me it’s looking perfect. I’m attaching a pic of what the website tells me is being used, and on the jpg I’m also showing the

code is that i’m using inside Rapidweaver which I’m putting in the code/head area.

Now if I post on Facebook on my own stream then it shows up beautifully, but if I try to post directly from my company page (which is what I WANT to do), then it doesn’t use the og-image layout and just turns it into a regular link with thumbnail, which looks less pleasing. What am I doing wrong? Any help much appreciated.

You’re probably getting what has been cached by FB.
Use the Facebook tool:

  • Enter the URL. Press debug button
  • Select the Scrape Again Button

This should refresh what Facebook has cached

I did do that already, but redid it today and it’s working yay! Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

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