Share to facebook - og:image problem

(Jacenty) #1

Hi. I got huge problem with that.

I got Impact slideshow on top my page, on bottom Poster stack.

In poster I got several Poster Item stacks with share on facebook button - now: when I want share this via that button - on facebook I see first picture from Impact Slideshow! Should be from Poster Item. How I can fix this?


(Doug Bennett) #2

a URL would be helpful.

FB will pick a picture if you don’t have one specified with a meta:OG tag. RW8 has the option to generate these for you for the “base” poster stack. It’s located in the page inspector>Meta Tags “Image”. Also, FB will “Cache” stuff like this for a long time. You can use the FB developer’s tool to “re-scrape” the page.

Perhaps Jannis can add to this. @instacks

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #3

The link of the image you want to share has to be placed inside the Poster Item - Image URL input field.

Please be aware that this musst be a full qualified URL (http://…)

In addition all what @teefers said.

(Jacenty) #4

I know about that url in metadata, but this is not simple solution for someone who should only add new item to post.
Find picture url, copy address, paste this… for someone without computer skills this can be difficult.

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #5

I know. Neither is the implementation trivial.

I will try to make it easier for you in the next major version.

Until that, you have to use this field. The advantage is, you are able to use warehoused images for that.

Don’t forget once Facebook cached your page, you have to clean it inside Facebook with the above mentioned Developer tools. Sorry that’s not my invention.