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I am somewhat confused about the display of a site image when sharing a link from a website to social media such as Facebook.

For a while it seemed to use the site image but probably as I am using different themes, it no longer does.

I have a Site Logo, Site Banner and have tried under the Social Tags to place an image there but when posting a link to FB, it does not display the graphic.

I read elsewhere that the Social tags image should be 1200x630 so can it be less or any different or does it have to be that size precisely? Also, does it matter if they are png or jpg?

A URL to the site might be helpful.

If you have a valid “open graph” tag (the one under “Social Tags“) Facebook should pick that up.

Facebook doesn’t go and read the “og” meta data “live” every time. They cache this information including images for quite a long time.

You can preview what Facebook has and check for errors with their developers tool. You can also force a “re-scrape” of the site.

Here’s more information in this post:

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Thank you for the information. That was very helpful.
At the moment I have reverted to an old image which had worked in the past and is working again but will test with a later image.
The site is

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