My rapid weaver 6 project just went nuts

Hi. While publishing my project it locked up and I canceled the publishing.
When I reopened the project 90% of the project was not there - only one of the pages
and not only that, all the left side info that you can access for you to edit is not there.
I loaded a new RW 6 and the problem still persists.
I am not panicking now that I was able to retrieve an earlier version of the project on my time machine but still, when I open it, all the left side options for edit are not available.
Any tips?

I solved the problem of the left side menu.
It got hidden so I dragged it open again.
Now I only have the mystery of my 90% dissapeared content on my website

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@emeseditorials Good thing for Time Machines! I’m on vacation, so I don’t have access to mine :(. Next time I’ll bring it with me.