Can't open any project

I am a newcomer, but have spent a lot of time learning all the different ways of modifying a template, etc. I finished up last night, got up this morning and all my project history is gone and all index.html files are greyed out. Has anyone come across this? this is for all previous projects, not just the one I was working on yesterday.

I just encountered the same problem. Worked all day, saved the project. Added a couple of themes, downloaded ember from the App Store. Went back to Rapid Weaver and everything is gone. Had not backed up in a while Desperate to find the missing project as it is part of an ongoing project at our university. Can anyone provide guidance?

Look for a file on your computer that has .rw6 (if you are using RW 6. That was what happened to me, as that file ended up in a different folder from my other project files. Hope this is helpful

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