My report from google says I should fix some stuff

I have tested my site with Google.

Is php giving me bad results?

I am really happy with its speed etc and it scored 100/100 for mobile friendliness!
However the test showed speed results of
mobile 47/100
desk tp 51/100

The report shows I need to fix the following. I don’t dare do much without checking with you guys …because its working fine. BUT if I can correct these issues I guess I should.

My almost complete site is here

Not counting Image Optimization (I’m on the case)

My score is lowered and I should fix these two issues

Enable compression
Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content

I should also consider fixing these issues

Leverage browser caching

Minify CSS

Minify JavaScript

If you get the images optimized that will take care of the bulk of the problem.

Some of the other things you just can’t change. Like the JS etc.

If you get a free cloudflair account that will also help greatly.

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Great Thanks so much. Really good to know.
I’ll fix all images tomorrow