My RW Paid Video Subscription Doesn't Work

I am sure that this is not the right place to put this but I need to get to work with RW.

I have a paid subscription to the video tutorial courses but even though my account is logged in and my subscription shows “active” non of the paid video will play. I have tried all the usual things to do, like log out then log in, clear cookies, clear caches, make sure I am signed in with the account that paid the subscription and that the subscription shows as active. Then write to support and wait, then write to the developer and wait, then write to paddle, who BTW answers their mail.

So can someone give me an idea on what my problem is and or how to get support to help? Thanks.

I’m sure @ben will get this sorted for you as soon as he can. (Tagging him here like this will alert him.)

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Hi Marty,

My apologies for the issues you’re having.

I have double-checked your account and it has been correctly upgraded, so you have access to all paid-for videos.

I am wondering if this is a browser issue or something to do with how the videos are hosted.

Could you let me know which browser you are using and if you are using any type of ad-blocking or spam protection software?

Could you also visit this page and take a screenshot of what you’re seeing.

Sorry to ask this of you, but from the info I currently have, I can’t work out why you wouldn’t be able to watch videos.


Hi Ben.
First I have figured a work around and will be able to watch all the videos. So no stress.

When I start fresh - and log in - and start a video it works. - Works in Safari and also Firefox - macboook pro all current.

But if I next click on a different video - either with the icons (circle thing with right pointing triangle) or the text title links on the page below - the page is mostly black and nothing happens - except the url changes in the adress bar.

The work around.

Strangely I can copy the url from the frozen window address bar - then make a new tab - then paste in the url (which is from the second video which I have clicked on) and this will then play the selected video. (in the new tab)

For the scren shots - the first is from the link you sent.

The second is after i watched for a short time then clicked onto a different video title from lower down on the same page. You can see that the url has changed but the screen is not running the video.

Glad to hear you’re able to watch!

I will take a look at that bug tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience, I should have a fix online within a couple of days.

Let me know if there’s anything else you need help with.


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