How to connect RW to a database for instance MySQL

I would like to connect my RW website to a database for instance MySQL.

Where can I find the software to connect the two.

I understand it is built in in WordPress.


What is the reason to connect it to a database? Do you want to save data to the db? Want to display data from it? There are many different products that will allow you to accomplish what you want. I just want to know what the end goal is…

Yes, I would like to save the registration data from my website visitors before they make a comment.
Plus I would like to be able to send them an email.
And ask them to fill in a questionnaire.

Formsnap can help you with that.

Otherwise, if you have Joe’s Foundation theme, and the addons, etc., there is a form stack set included in that as well.

If you are asking about a “login”-type scenario, Sitelock is one such solution.

Hopefully that will get you started.

But if you really want to use sql then go for Stackapps. It’s free and comprehensive but can be some work understanding it if you want anything complicated.
I use it on a book site with 20,000 books http://anitabooks-
There are a few people on this forum who can help you and it is a great set of apps. You can test it locally, just get aampps and away you go.
That’s how I did it, with some help!

You have a great web sit for Anitabooks. The dropdown menus such as 20th Century are exactly what I want to create. What did you use to create them ?

Sorry for the delay. I think it was a Freestacks menu (3 if I remember correctly).

I have built a website before and used the code (extract) below and it worked perfectly
However since transferring to Rapid weaver it doesn’t want to work

It is in an html page and saved as php and inserts data into the database

Question am I putting it in the wrong place

Help please

<?php $con = mysql_connect('localhost','user','password'); if (!$con) { die('Could not connect: ' . mysqli_error()); } mysql_select_db("m13m4pa_m4papply", $con); $sql = "INSERT INTO feedback