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Built and ran a site in test mode with the Voyager theme. Discovered that when using the navigation icon, I could move to any subpage but no major page. The only fix I found was to duplicate the major page as a subpage. Weird - that seems awkward, and I wonder what SEO effects might be with duplication. Attached is an image showing what I had to do to make navigation work throughout the site. The user can get to What We Do by clicking on the white label, not the blue.

What am I not doing right?

Looks as though the theme is designed like that - in other words, when you add sub pages to a parent page:


  • Courses
  • Consultancy
  • Training

You can click on any of the individual services and go to the page, but not to the parent page (Services).


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It appears from the arrows next to the top level pages that this theme uses “drop-down” navigation. With drop down you can’t both navigate to a page and toggle a drop down action with the same click.
If you are using full duplicate pages it will impact your SEO.
If you want to use drop downs use an empty page as the top level like an offsite page. Give it a different name and set the link to a #
Services ^
…Our services

Our pick a theme that does sub menu navigation (split or not).

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